Thursday, August 27, 2009

Best Softwares

Licensed programs are pricey CPU-hogger. Try these multi-platform freebies instead

Licensed programs can be pricey ($700 for Photoshop? Gulp.), and netbooks don't necessarily have the right stuff under the hood to run the resource-sucking software. So, if you're looking to stock a less-powerful machine or save a few bucks, try the programs below. Their features mimic their costlier cousins, they're free, and most run on Windows, Mac, and Linux alike.

*Want to edit photos? Try GIMP, the poor man's Photoshop. Like the image editing stalwart, GIMP can edit Photoshops's .psd files and features various toolsets (e.g. custom brushes, pencil, airbrush, clone), layers, multiple undo/redo steps, path tool selections, and its own set of 100+ plug-ins.

*Want to produce polished layouts? Try Scribus, similar to QuarkXpress or Adobe PageMaker. Scribus can lay out newsletters, flyers, and magazines, and offers templates for download at One drawback? You can't edit native QuarkXPress, Microsoft Publisher, or InDesign files.

*Want to create or edit word documents, spreadsheets, or presentations? Try OpenOffice or Google Docs instead of Microsoft Office. The Microsoft Office clone offers the same basic and advanced functions, and can even save files as .doc's. The web-based Google Docs has basic document editing functionality, and the advantage of storing documents in a virtual "cloud" that can be accessed from any computer connected to the Internet.;


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