Friday, August 7, 2009

Bollywood Hotties and their Rich Sugar Daddy!

They say ‘Behind a successful man there is a woman’. Somehow our tinsel town cries out a different equation- in Bollywood ‘Behind a fashion-queen there is a Rich Sugar Daddy.’ Who effectively takes care of all her bills, and efficiently pays them all on time!

Katrina Kaif: This Anglo-Indian does not boast of a wealthy family background despite foreign upbringing.

But Katrina Kaif’s stars changed overnight with the entry of much, much older to her macho man of B-town Salman Khan who brought her in the limelight.
Katrina might be mum about her marriage with Salman but deep down inside she can’t deny the fact that the awesome status, which she enjoys today is all credits to her Bollywood Godfather Salman.

Shilpa Shetty: This Indian beauty with perfect curves slogged throughout her career just to be counted among the A-listers of Bollywood.
Although, she proved her power-prowess by winning the reality show Big Brother, still her acting and financial graph remained unchanged. But then a short visit from cupid changed everything for her, from Fashion Street to Louis Vuitton, her tastes underwent a major revamp all thanks to an infatuated millionaire sugar daddy ready to pay up for a wink and a smile.
Her life too is blessed with a rich man who also recently turned producer- Raj Kundra. A flat in central London and co-ownership in one of the IPL teams- Rajasthan Royals says it all.

Preity Zinta: This dimple-cheeked diva lassoed the businessman Ness Wadia with her irresistible charm. Mr. Wadia might not have contributed much in her flourishing career; still, considering Preity’s restrained financial background, he definitely brought a sea of change in her life-style by elevating her status-quotient.

With her Rich Sugar Daddy paying up for the Gucci’s and Versace’s Preity dropped her favorite tom-boyish look and fluttered around in society events all dressed up in high-fashion! The T-shirts and Jeans went to the bottom of the trashcan, and out came the designer-torn jeans for the IPL matches.
Out-of-the-blue she became one of the most vibrant personalities with tremendous glamour quotient basking in the luxury of Chloé, Jimmy Choo, Fendi, Marchesa, Bottega, Michael Kors, Christian Louboutin, Missoni, Badgley Mischka, Dior…the list goes on!

Preity traveled first class all the way- from mass to class, with a GO from her Rich Sugar Daddy Ness of-course!

Mallika Sherawat: Mallika Sherawat has broken all bounds. Although she is officially not dating Jackie Chan, but the sexy-siren is taking a good advantage of the famous man’s fondness for her.

Her society datebook (read Twitter) is full of Hollywood events and she is schmoozing with some big names in Hollywood. It all started with action-thriller Myth and now as they say- they lived happy ever after!

Rani Mukherjee: Rani Mukherjee is an exception among the list of female-actors mentioned above. This bong-beauty has filmy origins that made her stepping in Bollywood a cakewalk.

However, her association with Yash Raj especially Aditya Chopra has worked wonders for her, both professionally and personally. Rani Mukherjee today is an integral part of the Yash Raj camp, and that in itself should sum it all.

Interestingly, Aditya has not directed his ladylove in any of his films till date and there seems no such chance in the near future too.

However, his presence in her personal life and Rani being a part of Yash Raj camp has definitely brought a sea of change to her status quotient, and this definitely wields her immense power to be counted as one of the top actress of B-Town.


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