Thursday, August 6, 2009

Color That Fits Your Personality

Choosing a Color Scheme That Fits Your Personality
Author: Jenna Hart
When decorating a room, it it important that you choose a color scheme that fits your personality. Not only will it be a better way of reflecting and expressing who you are, but it will also make you feel more comfortable in the environment as well.

It is no secret that different colors are associated with different moods and feelings. For example, the color white is often associated with peace and tranquility while the color red might be associated with passion or urgency. When designing a room you will want to make sure that the mood reflected by the colors is one that you want to feel and express in your decor.

Below are some tips for choosing the right color scheme for you:

1. Learn What Different Colors Mean:
It is very easy to learn what colors mean. Chances are you may even be able to come up with your own associations. Ask yourself what you think of when you think of each color. Does red make you think of love? Green make you think of nature? Do you think brown is relaxing or boring? Your own personal definitions of what colors mean to you will be the most important, though you can also research color symbolism as well.

2. Consider the Function of the Room:
The use of the room will greatly shape what type of mood or feeling you want to create with the decorating aspects. For example, in a bedroom you may want something that is peaceful and calming. In a living room however you may want something that is more vibrant or bold. Often times if you pair the mood you want the room to evoke along with your definitions of the colors as outlined in the previous tip you can easily choose the right scheme for you.

3. Choose Complimenting Colors:
There are three different basic color complimenting things to consider. These are monochrome, contrasting, and analogous. Monochrome would mean that you stay all within one shade. For example, you might have dark blue carpeting but light blue walls. Contrasting is when you pick opposites of the color wheel, such as pairing blue and orange or red and green. Analogous colors are those that are closely related, for example blue and green or red and orange. When you stick to one of these basic principles you really can't go wrong!

These three very simple steps make it very easy for you to choose a color scheme that meets your personality and individual style. When you have the right colors in place you will be able to not only express your own unique self, but create an environment that is comfortable and the most suitable for you and your needs.


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