Friday, August 7, 2009

Does the way you dress reflect your personality?

Dress up your personality
Everyone wants to create a fashionable impression and your dress is the first thing with which they assess your personality. You have to take extra care about your dress as it is that which shows what you are. Especially if you are going to meet your date at a restaurant, attending a wedding party or attending an interview, you will fell nervous about which dress you wanna wear to create a better impression about you.

The following are secrets on how to make a better first impression:
  • Choose clothing that fits your body type well. You need not follow the current trend, instead follow your own trend, because you know well what works better for you.
  • Choose clothing that enhances your look and don't wear anything that detracts from it. If you have a unique personality, let others look at your personality through your interactions rather than just through your clothing. You should never misunderstand that your outfit is the only thing that others notice to know your personality.
  • Make sure to keep one go-to outfit always in your wardrobe that fits well for you and looks great on you. If you don't have any time to make a selection or indecisive about what looks good on you, you will have a great option with you. You'll look more confident and can have more fun, if you know it well that your dress looks great.
  • If you have an expensive taste, don't reveal it through your outfit on your first date itself. You can wear expensive clothing in future. Don't make him feel that he has to look for a second job to bear the costs of your clothes.
  • Dress appropriately according to the kind of occasion you're going to. When going out for casual drinks, pass on skin-baring dress. When going to a cocktail party, don't wear corduroys.
  • Choose clothing that makes you seem to be of high maintenance. Most men don't like their girl-friends or wives taking more time to prepare for going out.
  • It's good to look sexy with your dress. But you have to be tasteful about it. Jeans and T-shirt can be as sexy as a skintight and low-cut top.
  • It is always better to wear one interesting thing than several different things. Because one thing makes one best statement about your personality, and too many things makes too many statements. If you are wearing many trendy things at once, one cannot notice your individual style other than a mess of accessories.
  • Dress up according to your age. If a middle aged woman wears a miniskirt it looks awkward whereas the same looks good on a young girl.


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