Tuesday, August 4, 2009

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Woman's surprise £1,000 American Beauty nude pose for her Valentine... then she learns he's never seen the film
By Daily Mail Reporter

A hotel penthouse, a professional photo of herself dressed only in rose petals ... Lesley Heague was sure her boyfriend would be bowled over by her recreation of the classic scene from American Beauty, his favourite film.
But after splashing out £1,000 on her Valentine's Day gesture, she found out he had never even seen the movie.
In fact, Luke Scrase's favourite film is Denzel Washington's 2008 crime thriller American Gangster - a movie with a rather less romantic slant. All her plans had been based on a simple mishearing.Miss Heague's nude Valentine's card re-enacts the erotic dream scene starring Mena Suvari in Sam Mendes's Oscar-winning 1999 movie.

The 25-year-old office worker has even arranged for rose petals to be strewn in the £695 hotel room she has booked.
She said the idea for their first Valentine's Day struck her after her boyfriend asked for a DVD as his present.
'I was sure he said he was a big fan of American Beauty, so I thought I'd go the whole hog and set up a themed weekend,' Miss Heague said.

'I've booked a lovely room at a posh hotel and ordered the petals from two dozen red roses to be strewn on the bed and around the bathroom. 
'I also forked out for a photographer to take a set of pictures of me in the famous scene covered in rose petals for a personalised Valentine's card. Even if I say so myself the pictures look brilliant.'
In American Beauty, Kevin Spacey fantasises about a nubile Miss Suvari lying provocatively in red rose petals that only just cover up her blushes.

But like every rose, Miss Heague's idea had a thorny aspect.

'I was so pleased with it all and mentioned it his Luke's best friend, only to be told that he has never seen American Beauty,' she said.

'I was stunned. I must have misheard what he said - it was after I'd had a couple of drinks.'
The couple are still going ahead with the weekend at the Vincent Hotel in their home town of Southport, Merseyside - but now American Gangster has been added to the programme.

Mr Scrase, 21, insists he is delighted by the gesture anyway, adding: 'I've no idea what American Beauty is about but it won a few Oscars so it must be worth watching.'


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