Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Choose One....

If You Could Have One Beauty Superpower, What Would It Be?
Ever wished you could just snap your fingers and have perfect makeup on in the morning? Or been in one of those situations where the new blush you love doesn't actually complement any of your other makeup, but you can't just buy all new eyeliner and lipstick? Then you, my friend, need a superpower. I know it's silly, but just stick with me for a minute here. The same way a regular superpower you'd choose says a lot about your personality (people who'd want to be telepaths usually care a great deal about what others think, for example), the beauty superpower you want tells you what's missing in your beauty routine. Tell me what yours is and let's discuss what it all means—we can even help each other out to find some good solutions.

If You Could Have One Beauty Superpower, What Would It Be?
1- Insta-makeup
2- Always having the perfect shade on hand for any outfit, season, or event
3- Total concealer—blemishes, bags, etc. vanish


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