Thursday, September 3, 2009

How Rani Mukherjee lost 8kg to fit into Bikini

Revealed: How Rani Mukherjee managed to sizzle in bikini
Rani Mukherjee was out of sight after giving several flops. But now she is back, and is looking like a bombshell after shedding those extra kilos, which made her look like an onscreen aunt. With her flick Dil Bole Hadippa, opposite Shahid Kapoor, Rani is looking stunning in bikini.

Well the secret of how she lost 8 kilos is revealed. “Rani has been following a strict diet, yoga and weight plus cardio training. Also, she had a regular eye on her food habits, which helped her lose those extra pounds, ” says the source.

“The actress being a Bengali loved to eat fish curry with steamed rice, but she replaced it with brown rice. Also, she had been gulping down lots of not so tasty vegetable juices, but at the end, the result is for everyone to be seen, ” adds the source.

Rani’s fitness has become the talk of the town. “She, herself has worked hard for her new look. Rani was always regular to the gym and never missed even a single day. She is happy to get a slim look, as now she can wear whatever she wishes, and doesn’t need to think much, ” concludes the source.

Well Rani better late than never is all we can say.


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